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The DFT CHALLENGES ARE simulated trading accounts that offers an 80% split on profits generated by the trader. We keep 20% and take all the risks. Once a trader is funded and signs our trader agreements, we will connect their account to our Proprietary Trading Firms live account. No matter what, you can be sure that any profits generated by your funded account will be paid out by us.

Simply choose the account type you are interested in trading, follow the steps necessary to complete the application and after we receive the payment, your account will be issued and you will get an email with confirmation. If you choose the EVALUATION or the FAST FUNDING account, you will receive a demo account where you will have to trade according to our rules of that specific product you chose.

You will have superior account conditions in the form of very low commissions and spreads. If you manage to pass all requirements in the phase one of the Evaluation account or Fast Funding account 1 Phase, you will proceed to the second and the final phase of the evaluation and you will receive a new account for the step two where the rules will be significantly easier during this final stage before the funding.

Currently, our platform is not accessible in certain countries due to legal restrictions. Please refer to the list of not allowed countries for more information.

  • United Arab Emirates(UAE)
  • Pakistan
  • Vietnam
  • Iran
  • Myanmar
  • Iran
  • Albania
  • Kosova

we accept clients from the Europe and from most of other countries and continents. We are searching for traders around the globe who are at least 18 years old. If you know how to trade proficiently and apply proper risk management, that is all we are looking for. There is no other qualification required.

No, we handle all the trouble and regulations for you. Just sign up and trade. If you complete any of our funding evaluations, we will provide you with a funding. Simply sign the contract we send you with valid information and we will get you all set. However, please note that you are responsible for your own taxes in your own jurisdiction.

An Evaluation account is our two-phase trading evaluation, where traders select a pre-determined amount of capital to trade with. Simply choose the amount of capital you would like to manage and pass the evaluation by meeting the Trading Objectives during the Phase-I and the Phase-2 of the evaluation. The Fast Funding account is similar it have only 1 Phase Challenge!

You are welcome to hold trades over the weekends on Evaluation Accounts & Fast Funding Standard including funded accounts. We also allow weekend trading on Crypto instruments (Be aware of crypto trading hours). Please be aware of the risks associated with market gaps when trading pairs that do not stay open during the weekend trading hours like Forex pairs, Indices and Commodities.

As a risk manager it is your job to determine the risks and rewards of holding a position over the weekend, as we do not want to limit a trader’s strategy. However, if a gap occurs and causes a violation, it is the trader’s responsibility.

No.Our goal is to make sure you can trade freely. To ease your pressure, we'll take responsibility for the loss.

To provide our clients with the best experience, we use Markets as our our Platform and Data partner, Markets who have a list of over 400+ instruments available. Markets provides the most up-to-date pricing and market leading spreads on MT5 trading platform along with rock-solid, reliable infrastructure.

Our leverage is up to 1:100 on FX INSTRUMENTS

During daylight saving, the server time of Direct Funded Trader is GMT +3 and during rest of the year it is GMT +2

You are permitted to trade your DFT account with the most well-known MT5 platform which is provided by Markets.

You will receive the lowest spread possible, lower than usual ECN accounts, spread start from 0 PIPS. Add 5$ commissions per lot.

You are not allowed to change your MT5 Master Password, if u do it your account will be VIOLATED and terminated instantly.

Yes. You're allowed to use your Mobile phone.

Profit withdrawal is just one click away. Make sure you're in profit at the end of the trading cycle & send a withdrawal request from your client portal. We'll ensure the fastest disbursement of your profit part from our end.

You can use the following to withdraw your profit: USDT RisePay (bank transfer & crypto)

Your profit withdrawal process is really straightforward. When you are eligible for a withdrawal, you only need to click the profit withdrawal button on your dashboard and we will disburse the profit in your mentioned wallet without any hassle.

In the Evaluation & Fast Funding, you will receive the first profit share after four trading weeks(monthly); from the second payout onwards, you will receive profit shares every two trading weeks (14 days). You can simply request a payout withdrawal from your client dashboard.

You will have to pay your own taxes based on your country's tax policy, we hightly reccomend Deel payout in this case u will receive the INVOICE of payment via DEEL for tax declarations.

Max cashback 5K account; 50$
Max cashback 2.5K account; 25$
Max cashback 15K account; 200$
Max cashback 25K account; 225$
Max cashback 50K account; 250$
Max cashback 100K account; 500$
Max cashback 200K account; 1000$

We prefer card payment. But you can pay using Bank Transfer & Crypto Payments

Direct Funded Trader commits your freedom. Yes, you can request a refund in case you do not start trading within 14 days of your registration.

Note that, the fees are non-refundable once the trader has started their trading activity on the account.

Your account gets processed as soon as you complete the payment. With card payment, you'll get your account credentials instantly, and verification may take some time with other payment methods.

When your account is created, you will be updated via email. You can find your MT5 login credentials in the email and on your client's dashboard panel.

Yes. Every new and organic trader who joins us through your unique link will earn you a reward. Our affiliate reward percentages are as below:

1. Affiliate- For the first 30 references of each subscriber, you will get a 15% commission for each referral.
2. TOP Affiliate- Refer more than 30+ subscribers to become a super affiliate and start getting 20% commission for each referral.

You'll get back your registration fee with your first payout from your REAL account.

However, if you have to reset it in the middle, we will only refund you the most recent fees you paid to get your account.

Is required a minimum of 3 trades weekly in different days.

we apply 5$ per lot traded.

The maximum allocation is $400K

Yes, we have a scaling plan. With our scaling plan you can grow your account to a maximum of $1,000,000. In order to scale your capital and grow, you must make 15% within a 3 month period. If you achieve this, we will increase your account size by 50% of your initial balance.

When a trader achieves a streak of more than five consecutive payouts, they become eligible for a 90% profit split, meaning they retain 90% of the profits generated from their trading activities. Conversely, if they fail to reach this milestone, the profit split defaults to 80%, with the trader retaining 80% of the profits. This incentivizes consistent performance and rewards traders who demonstrate sustained profitability over time.

You'll get back your Cashback $3/lot with your first payout from your Funded account.

The minimum withdrawal amount for a payout is 100$

You can make unlimited tentatives. The forex market is uncertain even with the best strategy. So we'll make sure you get enough chances.

We do not impose any limits on instruments on positions sizes on your trades. you can trade all the instruments and assets that are available in the MT5 (Forex Currency/Raw Feed, Indices, Commodities).

EA and Indicators are allowed. This includes Trade copiers, Tools for managing risk, and Auto Trading bots. you can also use third-party EA as well (source code not required). All you need to do is verify the EA before using it on your real account.

Use of Emulators.

  • - High-Frequency Trading (Manually or Using a Bot)
  • - Reverse Arbitrage Trading
  • - Hedge Arbitrage Trading.
  • - Latency Arbitrage Trading.
  • - Tick Scalping
  • - Grid trading / Martingale
  • - One-sided Betting
  • - Copying trades from other traders.
  • If the use of any of these strategies is found in your account, it will be considered a violation of the rules, and Direct Funded Trader will terminate the account without any warning.

    Copy trading from your account is allowed, but you are not allowed to copy from others, and a similar trade from someone else will be considered a violation of the rules.

Yes, hedging is allowed.

However, hedging using multiple accounts is not allowed as it does not reflect a proper trading strategy. For example, if you have two accounts, you are not allowed to place hedged entries between them.

1. In the challenge stage, traders are free to trade without using stop-loss orders if they choose; there's no restriction on their use.

2. However, in the funded stage, it's mandatory to place a stop-loss order for all trades. This requirement aims to manage risk and protect the capital provided by the funding entity. If a trader fails to set a Stop Loss (SL) within the initial 30-second window, their funded account will be disabled and removed from the challenge.

There are no lot size restrictions on DFT GROUP. You are free to trade using whichever lot size you prefer.

You can have an overall maximum loss limit of 10% of your initial account balance. Thus, your account balance or equity can't go below 90% of the initial balance at any time during your whole trading journey. It implies that your account balance or equity should always be over 90% of the initial balance to avoid rule violations.

For example, for a 100k account, your maximum loss limit is $10k. So, as long as your balance/equity (whichever is lower) is over 90k, you will not violate the overall drawdown

We recommend not to. If you are trading from a different location or using VPS, you need to show proof to our costumer support.

1. In the challenge stage, you are free to trade during news events, but it is strongly recommended to avoid trading due to higher slippage and volatility.

2. However, in the funded stage, trading during news events or holding trades during news is not allowed. Trades must be closed 5 minutes before high-impact news, and new trades can only be opened 5 minutes after the news has been released.

List of News are not allowed

  • FED Interest Rate
  • FOMC Minutes
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Non Farm Payrolls
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • Crude Oil Inventories
  • BoE Interest Rate
  • BoE Press Conference
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • ECB Interest Rate
  • ECB Press Conference
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • BoC Interest Rate
  • BoC Press Conference
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • RBA Interest Rate
  • RBA Press Conference
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • SNB Interest Rate
  • RBNZ Interest Rate
  • RBNZ Press Conference
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • BoJ Interest Rate
  • BoJ Press Conference
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate

KYC or KYC check is the mandatory process of identifying and verifying the client's identity when opening an account and periodically over time. In order to deliver your REAL Funded account is mandatory to complete the KYC process